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Case Study: Clarita Solutions – Website Redevelopment and Content Creation

Asset management company Clarita Solutions ( commissioned The Content Professionals to redevelop its website, develop and edit a series of new content pages and infographics for the website and create a thought leadership ebook specific to asset management of transport infrastructure. Both website and ebook introduced contemporary and best-practice design and functionality and were delivered on time and budget.

Process and Deliverables:

The Content Professionals successfully redeveloped the Clarita Solutions website by rationalising the information architecture (IA) of the site and streamlining content, with an intuitive new navigation to enable rapid user access to key Clarita Solutions capabilities such as by industry vertical (mining, transport, utilities, etc.). A new knowledge centre, Insights was developed to publish regular case studies, thought leadership and news content, with filtering to enable quick user-access to the most relevant content. Engaging new content and a brand new site aesthetic helped raise Clarita Solutions' website to a more contemporary, sophisticated and useable level.

The 'Asset Management in Transport Infrastructure' ebook was designed as an integral part of a Clarita Solutions marketing campaign targeting the transport sector. Developed, written, edited and designed by TCP, the ebook features insightful information on cutting-edge asset management practices in transport infrastructure and uses engaging infographics to bring at-a-glance focus to information highlights.

The Content Professionals collaborated closely with Clarita Solutions to understand both the complexity of the asset management sector and their customer journeys to deliver a sophisticated and intuitive website, engaging content and a platform for continued content publishing.

What They Said:

"The Content Professionals were recommended to me by a colleague … and I couldn’t be happier that I found them!

It had been around six years since the last major refresh of our company website, and in 2021 the time had come to realign our brand image and messaging with our value proposition. Geoff and Paul were incredibly invested in getting to know us. Combining that knowledge with their content marketing process delivered a fresh digital platform that ticked all our boxes for achieving an outstanding customer experience.

Continuing our relationship, The Content Professionals were engaged to develop an ebook as a key digital marketing asset for generating and nurturing new leads. They undertook the research, copy writing and graphic design of the ebook, which has exceeded our expectations in every possible way.

In my experience, when engaging The Content Professionals you won’t just find a digital marketing agency that addresses your brief…you’ll find an engaged creative partner who will grab hold of your vision with both hands and work with you to make it a reality."

— Lois Jewell, Marketing and Communications, Clarita Solutions

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