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Case Study: AIVL – Website Redevelopment

The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) website was outdated and performing poorly when The Content Professionals were tasked with redeveloping it. The result was a substantial overhaul of the website resulting in improved IA (information architecture), new levels of functionality and a simpler and more pleasing UX (user experience).

Process and Deliverables:

The Content Professionals were challenged to deliver the website in an exceptionally short period of time. Web development and content experts worked closely with one another and with AIVL to devise a functional sitemap to best showcase AIVL's range of services and to allow users to easily navigate the site.

In addition, new content was created and an entirely new design language introduced so as to attract existing users back to the site – and introduce new ones to it. The site was delivered within four weeks of the project brief and has attracted overwhelmingly positive feedback since launch. It now functions as an important showcase for the organisation's advocacy initiatives and its important work in the public health space.

What they said:

I didn't know how good the AIVL website could be until The Content Professionals team took on the redevelopment of it. They asked all the right questions, delivered a website that was beyond my expectations – and did it within exceptionally tight constraints of time. Thank you!"

— Jake Docker, CEO, AIVL
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