If I had a dog I'd call it Focus.

"Focus, focus, focus. If I had a dog I'd call it Focus!" This is what Paul Keenan, then Bauer Media (UK) CEO, entreated as he encouraged his team to bring laser-like precision to all that they do. It stuck with me because it's so important – now more than ever.

What's your 'one thing'? What does your brand mean to your customers? How do they feel about it? And how can you build on their experiences to influence others?

The Content Professionals have worked with some of Australia’s largest and most dynamic companies, associations and brands across multiple industry sectors to help them refine their focus, develop their brand strategies and bring them to life in the form of rich, engaging experiences for their customers.

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AudIT And

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strategy development

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planning, process, measurement

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AudIT And

Where are you now?

Where does your brand sit currently? How is it performing relative to your competitors? 
And how are your customers interacting with your brand?

Our Audit and Insights process is a collaborative deep-dive into your current brand marketing activities, how your customers relate to them and how your competitors compete with them.

  • Current performance

  • Customer insights, personas, journeys
    and touchpoints

  • Competitor landscape

  • Goals and objectives

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Where do you need to get to?

What is your brand's purpose, it's 'one thing'? What are the brand values and pillars that support this, and the key principles that underpin it? And what does all this mean to your customers?

Building on the knowledge developed through the Audit and Insights process, we work with you to (re)define your brand strategy, identifying what changes are required and what challenges must be met to bring your brand purpose to life.

  • Brand Purpose

  • Brand Values, Brand Pillars and Key Principles

  • Strategic Priorities and Imperatives

  • Key initiatives

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How are you going to get there?

Without an actionable plan, a strategy is just a waste of time. We make sure it's time well spent as we bring the strategy to life with purpose, direction and milestones in a complete brand bible.

  • The roadmap that will guide your brand as you embark on its new journey to success

  • Brand guidelines, templates

  • Critical steps and key milestones 

  • Resource mapping, allocation and prioritisation

  • Processes, workflow and collaboration tools

  • How will success be measured, and how can you test, learn and improve along the way?