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  • Paul Rodger

Case Study: NUAA – Print Publishing

The NSW Users and Aids Association (NUAA) provides important public health information and support to injecting drug users in New South Wales. NUAA commissioned The Content Professionals to redesign the organisation's User's News magazine, Insider's News magazine and its annual report, and bring added rigour to the production process for each project.

Process and Deliverables:

The Content Professionals worked hand-in-hand with NUAA to understand the needs of the community it represents and deliver effective public health information to that audience. Any publication produced for NUAA needs to show sensitivity, tact and understanding so as to best target the needs of what is a vulnerable audience.

NUAA's User's News and Insider's News magazines have been thoroughly redesigned to give them a clean and engaging look – and information is presented in such a way as to be easily understood. The annual report is concise, appealing and functional. The Content Professionals also takes care of the proofreading, editing and quality control process to ensure an outstanding result with every magazine issue and annual report.

What they said:

"TCP do an absolutely amazing job and we at NUAA are very grateful. I feel like bursting into tears – that's how good it is."

— Leah MacLeod, Communications Lead, NUAA
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