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Case Study: iHelm – Brand and Website Development

Martin Blake has over 30 years' professional services advisory leadership experience in complex local and global operating environments. He also has a lifetime of experience as a sailor, during which he has learned myriad life lessons about leadership and teamwork, strategy and planning, business consulting, passion and adventure.

When Martin commissioned The Content Professionals to lead the development of the branding and digital showcase for his professional development, mentoring, leadership advisory and mental-health foundation start-up, the stimulus for the creative process was incredibly strong. TCP's mission: to create a brand that captures and fuses the essence of Martin's professional experience and his personal passion for oceanic adventures with a compelling vision for an impactful future, and then to bring these to life in a contemporary, compelling website supported by an effective social media content program.

Process and Deliverables:

The brand strategy, creative and website development process was collaborative and iterative. TCP guided Martin through a succession of hands-on workshops to develop a brand strategy, including purpose, culture, values, vision and business value proposition, all of which led to the brand identity that emerged: iHelm. A visual identity including logos and colour palettes was developed, summarised in a set of comprehensive brand guidelines.

Building on the brand strategy and guidelines, the TCP team developed a website, crafted compelling, engaging content and designed a comprehensive Business Plan presentation and other document templates to showcase iHelm's range of strategic priorities and capabilities.

What They Said:

"Another ball hit straight out of the park. The Business Plan is impressive by any stretch of the imagination and really gives me the edge."

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to your quality team for all the work they have done to bring my business vision to life. The iHelm brand strategy and all the assets you've created are Saville Row quality and absolutely capture the excitement and energy of my vision and passions. I have been nothing but impressed. I have no hesitation in recommending The Content Professionals."

— Martin Blake, Executive Chairman, iHelm

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